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Watch the video below to discover three simple ways to reduce stress and increase the joy and peace in your life. You will also learn about a free gift that you can download today.


Awakening Now Includes

With Over 120 lessons organized into 10 easy-to-navigate modules, you will immerse yourself in life-changing understandings and activities and develop new habits.

  • Webinars

    You will be able to attend 10 live video webinars with Gina Lake and her husband, where you’ll receive transmissions of Christ Consciousness, which will accelerate your spiritual evolution and help you heal your conditioning and break through to a new level of being. More information about these ongoing Saturday and/or Sunday meetings is available at


  • A Private Forum

    You will have access to a forum, where you can share your experiences and get your questions answered by Gina Lake. In this forum is a wealth of shared knowledge to support and encourage you. It contains questions and answers from both previous and current participants in the course.

  • Inquiries & Exercises

    This 100-day inner workout is packed with both time-honored and original teachings that will pull the rug out from under your ego and wake you up. Through inquiries and exercises, you will discover and experience who you really are.

  • Guided Meditations

    You’ll immerse yourself in recorded talks, practices, inquiries, and guided meditations that will transform your consciousness. You'll be soothed and guided into deeper states of consciousness with 11 lengthy guided meditations.

“I crave my meditation time and look forward to it every day. I feel positive changes in my life. I feel more centered, alive, and much kinder towards myself and the people around me, and more patient, easygoing, happy not knowing, and happy to go with the flow. I am here, I feel, and I am alive. My life has changed, thanks to your course. I can never thank you enough.” 


-Talal Dalloul

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  • Join 15,000 others

    Over 15,000 people have enjoyed Gina's online courses and report real benefits and lasting transformation in their lives and relationships. Experience your own transformation by joining Awakening Now, Gina's most extensive and most comprehensive online course. 

  • Less Stress & More Peace

    Learn to be present and calm in the midst of the stress and storms of life. Gain access to your innate wisdom and strength. Find the courage to follow your Heart.

  • Overcome Fears & Doubt

    Learn to move beyond the fears and doubts and other limiting beliefs that keep you small, stalemated, unhappy, and not following your heart.

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